Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my entry numbers?

Your unique entry numbers are based on the transaction ID of your purchase provided by the payment provider. Our draw system automatically allocates a +1, +2 format to the end of your transaction ID to create the correct amount of tickets for your purchased amount of entries eg between 1 and 20 entries per purchase.

As we automatically receive your payment provider transaction ID's we are able to identify the purchaser, the amount of entries and a unique identifier for each individual entry.

Each individual entry is then added to the final draw database to be selected by a random number generator. You can look up your transaction ID in the receipt provided to you by the payment provider.

Example for a 5 ticket purchase costing £10:

WN73I2KD0927JU17U + 1
WN73I2KD0927JU17U + 2
WN73I2KD0927JU17U + 3
WN73I2KD0927JU17U + 4
WN73I2KD0927JU17U + 5

Please do not worry if you cannot locate your payment provider transaction ID, our system will automatically enter you into the draw along with all your contact details.

When will the draw take place?

The draw will take place around 7 days after the close of the competition. If we sell 500,000 entries prior to August the 1st we will push the draw date forwards accordingly.

How will the draw be conducted?

Each entry will be assigned a unique identifier in our database and we will use a random number generator to select a winning entry, this will be conducted by our solicitor with witnesses from the press.

How will you contact me if I win?

PayPal automatically provides us with your contact details, should you wish to amend that information please email us from the contact page.

What will happen if you don't sell enough entries?

Should we not hit our target of 500,000 sold entries by August the 1st we have the option to determine that enough entries have been received for the house to still be the prize given, we also have the option to extend the competition by up to 3 months. The third option to offer the cash pot as a prize of which more details can be viewed in our terms and conditions page.

How many times can I enter?

There are no limits on either free or paid entries, to enter please click here

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